A clearer view in MS Word

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Here’s a tip about another useful feature of MS Word that you might not be aware of: hiding headers and footers. When editing a document, I like to have the headers and footers hidden (the video below explains how to do this). Working in this view has several advantages:

  • it makes it easier to focus on the text
  • you can see more of the text on the screen, so don’t have to do so much scrolling
  • if a table or a set of bullet points is split over two pages, you can more easily see it as a whole.

I saw a need for this tip when a client asked me to add page numbers to a document. When I opened the document, I found the pages were already numbered. It turned out that she was viewing the document with continuous text, so the page numbers were there, she just couldn’t see them. Rather than trying to explain this in an email, I created a short video to explain how to switch between the two views – with the headers and footers visible or hidden. Here is a more sophisticated version of the video that I sent to my client.

Click here or on the image to watch the video.

Hilary CadmanA clearer view in MS Word

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