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Introduction to PerfectIt

PerfectIt makes it easy to improve the quality and professionalism of your documents

What is in each module?

Module 1 Getting started

Overview of what PerfectIt can do and how to install it

Module 2 PerfectIt in action

Demonstration of PerfectIt in action

Module 3 Running PerfectIt

Running PerfectIt on a test document

Module 4 Creating a style sheet

How to create a style sheet in PerfectIt

Module 5 Using a style sheet

How to use the style sheet from Module 4

Module 6 Additional features

Exploring other features of PerfectIt

Module 7 Summing up

Sums up what was covered in the course

    What will I learn?

    By the end of this online course, you will:

    • have a basic understanding of PerfectIt
    • know how to use PerfectIt to improve your documents
    • know how to use style sheets to increase the power of PerfectIt.

    What does the course include?

    This hands-on course includes:

    • a comprehensive set of notes
    • videos that take you step by step through the process of using PerfectIt
    • trial documents to work on
    • a couple of quizzes to test your knowledge
    • a code to give you a 15% discount off the price of PerfectIt.

    "I really appreciate how clear and precise your training materials are ... what I like about your material is that it is very detailed – step by step – and the examples and exercises match up exactly with the narration (both in the PDF and video)."

    Brittany California

    The Introduction to PerfectIt course is easy to follow and ideal for anyone who is starting out with PerfectIt. I have been using PerfectIt for a while, but still learned some new tips about customising the program that will make my editing process even more efficient. Hilary is a fantastic trainer who will take you logically and clearly through each step – I highly recommend this course!

    Malini Canberra

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