Online training course goes live!

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My first online training course – Introduction to PerfectIt – went live today. The training page of my website has details of this and some of the other courses I’m planning.

It’s been a long journey (about 2.5 years), and I’d like to thanks the many people who had a hand in making this happen:

  • Tash, who first suggested that I switch from webinars to online courses
  • the local co-working group, who provided support and ideas
  • Bev, my study buddy for Camtasia (video recording and editing software)
  • Fiona, who helped me to stop making mind maps and actually do something
  • Victoria, who introduced me to OptimizePress
  • An, who got everything working
  • the many people who tested the course for me.

I’d especially like to thank Charmaine and Pete, my fellow Mastermind group participants. Over the past year we’ve met fortnightly to keep each other on track with our chosen project (mine being the online courses). Thanks to them, today’s meeting was the official launch of my first course! Here we are celebrating in the local coffee shop:




Hilary CadmanOnline training course goes live!

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