Busy week

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Last week was extremely busy, but very satisfying, in that I completed the first draft of a document I’ve been working on for over a month. I sometimes think substantive editing is a bit like housework, in that you often get to a point where things look a terrible mess before they come good (for example, in housework, the point where you’ve …

Hilary CadmanBusy week

Working from anywhere

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This week I learned that there’s a difference between being technically able to work from anywhere and being mentally able to do so. Camping with my teenage daughter, I found that, although I had the computer, electricity and an internet connection, I could not get myself into the focused mindframe that I need for editing or any other business-related activity. Even …

Hilary CadmanWorking from anywhere

Hidden problems

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I’ve had a remarkably busy working week, given that I spent 4 days of of it visiting friends on the NSW coast and in the Victorian bush. I worked on a couple of documents – a scientific paper and a short document for an international organisation. Both looked straightforward at first glance, but once I got stuck into them, I …

Hilary CadmanHidden problems

All coached up!

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Well, seeing a business coach was DEFINITELY a good idea. In our first session, we managed to thrash out the answers to three of my four questions (the only one we didn’t tackle was where I see the business going in the short and long term). We also covered various practical things that I didn’t even realise I should be doing ( ‘unknown unknowns’ …

Hilary CadmanAll coached up!