Once the client has responded to the substantive edit, I undertake a more detailed copyedit, which involves checking:

  • spelling, grammar, punctuation and use of technical terms
  • tables of contents
  • headings as a set (content, consistency and numbering)
  • consistency and completeness in:
    • abbreviations (in text and in abbreviations list)
    • bullet points
    • tables, figures and boxes (content, position, numbering and cross-referencing)
    • footnotes and endnotes
    • headers and footers
    • glossary and annexes
    • cross-references
    • references (checking in-text citations against the reference list, and checking the entries in the reference list).

I run PerfectIt at the start and end of copyediting, to identify and fix inconsistencies in spelling, capitalisation, hyphenation and so on (using the client-specific style sheet, or creating one, if appropriate). I also update all tables of contents (e.g. for headings, tables and figures) on completion of the copyedit.

Hilary CadmanCopyediting