Do you want to work faster, more efficiently and more effectively in MS Word? Or to make it easy to apply a consistent style (e.g. with spelling, capitals and hyphens)? Or use Endnote to manage your references?

I provide training in these and other related topics, for groups or individuals. I can also tailor training to meet your needs or those of your organisation.

Online training courses!

Now you can learn at your own pace. These online courses about PerfectIt have comprehensive notes, videos and exercises, and take you step by step through the learning process. An ‘Endnote for editors’ course is coming soon.

Introduction to PerfectIt 

This course will give you a basic understanding of PerfectIt and show you a simple way to increase the power of the program. It provides a 15% discount on PerfectIt, and is ideal if you:

  • work on formal documents
  • have not used PerfectIt or have used it only briefly
  • use a PC (or run Windows on a Mac).

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Advanced PerfectIt 

This course takes you through the process of modifying PerfectIt’s settings. It is based on a scenario in which you create, apply and amend a detailed style sheet. This course is ideal if you:

  • already use PerfectIt but would like to get more from it
  • would like to feel confident about making changes to the behind-the scenes settings
  • use a PC (or run Windows on a Mac).

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