Time to start single-tasking

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I’m an inveterate multitasker. My workstation is set up with two screens, one with the main task I’m working on, the other with related documents. I do this because it seems more efficient. For example, I might have a scientific report on the main screen and an Endnote database on the other, which allows me to add references to the …

Hilary CadmanTime to start single-tasking

Getting organised

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It’s been a major week for getting organised. First, I sorted out Thunderbird. Last year I managed to find and install a SmartSave add-on for the program, to allow me to save folders of emails to my computer when archiving a job (and I started this blog to brag about my amazing technological feat). However, that system broke down a …

Hilary CadmanGetting organised

A useful plan

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Back in June 2009, I started work on a business plan using a 20-page template provided by a friend. However, I didn’t finish it (hence my post last December that I didn’t have a plan, even a 1-page one). So I was pleasantly suprised last week when I opened up my half-written plan to find that: the bits I had …

Hilary CadmanA useful plan

All-day jobs

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When I worked for someone else, a job that took all day – such as running a training course or attending a meeting – was great. I was pleased to get out of the office and meet new people, focus on a single project for a day and have lots of billable hours to record. Now that I’m working for myself, all those positives still apply, …

Hilary CadmanAll-day jobs