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It’s been a major week for getting organised. First, I sorted out Thunderbird. Last year I managed to find and install a SmartSave add-on for the program, to allow me to save folders of emails to my computer when archiving a job (and I started this blog to brag about my amazing technological feat). However, that system broke down a few months ago when I upgraded to the latest version of Thunderbird, because the add-on was not compatible with the new version.

Today I had another trawl through the web and found a different add-on (ImportExportTools-2.3.3.xpi). The new add-on not only works with the latest version of Thunderbird, it also gives me all sorts of options for exporting emails with or without the attachments, in HTML or text, as separate messages or a single file, etc. I’m very happy to have got that sorted out because I can now get my email folders cleaned up. I also discovered the ‘tag’ button in Thunderbird, which allows me to tag my emails with different colours for things like ‘Work’, ‘Personal’, ‘Important’, ‘Later’ and ‘To do’. This may help me to be more organised, and if it doesn’t, at least my inbox looks pretty!

Finally, I bought Post-It Digital Notes, so now I have a lovely array of virtual corkboards, covered with different coloured post-it notes, on my desktop. Now I need to stop organising and starting working!

Hilary CadmanGetting organised

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