A new opportunity for PowerPoint users

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PerfectIt is a fantastic tool for editors – I use it when editing in Word, to both save time and improve the quality of my work. Basically, the program finds inconsistencies in things such as spelling, capitalisation and use of numbers; it also picks up deviations from a specific style. Despite using PerfectIt since 2009, I’m still blown away by …

Hilary CadmanA new opportunity for PowerPoint users

The Style separator – a hidden gem in MS Word!

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When working in MS Word, have you ever wanted to include a heading as part of a paragraph, rather than on a separate line? Well, MS Word’s Style Separator lets you do exactly that! Read this post or watch the video below to find out what the Style Separator does and how to use it. What does the Style Separator …

Hilary CadmanThe Style separator – a hidden gem in MS Word!

Sharing the love of MS Word!

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I’m that rare beast, an editor who loves working with MS Word. It wasn’t always like that. For many years, Word and I had a troubled relationship and the program caused me a lot of grief. Luckily, I shared an office with colleagues who were younger and smarter. They kindly stepped in whenever I lost parts of my document, forgot …

Hilary CadmanSharing the love of MS Word!