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My business coach has been a great help over the past year, but she has now moved on, so I need a replacement. I have tried a few companies I found online, but they all seem to have a relatively fixed product that is way beyond what I need in terms of time and cost. Happily, I’ve now found two alternatives:

  • A friend who has experience in business planning has kindly offered to review my existing plan and give me some advice.
  • A local business that specialises in training and coaching offers a coaching service that can be tailored to my needs.

The main issues that I’m grappling with are how to find the time to work both on and in the business, and how to avoid getting swamped by administrative tasks. I think these are issues that most small businesses encounter, so there are bound to be some good solutions out there – I just need to find out what they are!

Hilary CadmanFinding a coach

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