Fixing Thunderbird

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A success in fixing a software problem has prompted me to finally start blogging about my attempts to set up in business as a freelance science editor – I just had to tell the world what I achieved! Due to my advanced age and my dongle’s slow download speed, I can’t cope with webmail, so I use Outlook for my personal email and Thunderbird for my work email.

Yesterday I tried to archive a folder of emails for a completed project, and found that the ‘save as’ function I would use in Outlook to save emails doesn’t work in Thunderbird. I Googled something along the lines of  ‘how do I save bulk emails in Thunderbird’ (I’ve discovered that this is a much quicker and more effective approach than going to a program’s help site). This brought up an ideal solution – an add-on called ‘SmartSave’. I downloaded it, activitated it, was too scared to use it in case it deleted all my emails, went back to the site I’d found it on, read the discussion page, discovered I could right-click on a single folder to save the emails, and finally put SmartSave into practice. So, I feel very pleased with myself for sorting this out!

Hilary CadmanFixing Thunderbird

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