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I’m currently editing a travel narrative, which makes a change from my normal fare of technical documents. However, I’m also formatting the document in MS Word, and yesterday I hit a snag. The author starts each chapter with a level 1 heading immediately followed by a level 2 heading. He wants both headings to appear on the contents page, but simply applying a standard TOC that includes level 1 and 2 headings looks odd because, for each chapter, the two headings have the same page number.

I fiddled around with the settings in the TOC dialogue box, but couldn’t fix the problem — I either had both sets of page numbers or none. Finally, I realised that I could tap into the amazing resource of the LinkedIn MS Word Helpers group. I posted my question last night and by 4 pm today had solved it, thanks to a couple of kind people, one from the UK, the other from the US. Given that I’m working from a small country town in Australia, I’m very grateful for this resource, and for the willingness of people to contribute their expertise.

The answer involved toggling the field code, and replacing { TOC o “1-3” h z u } with { TOC o “1-3″ h z u n”1-1” } — easy when you know how!

Hilary CadmanLinkedIn to the rescue

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