No need for online training

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My attempt at attending a training webinar for Endnote was a disaster, because I couldn’t hear it properly due to a problem with my audio driver. No matter what I did with the settings on my computer, all I could hear was a tiny sound from the laptop’s speakers, and nothing from the headphones. This week  I downloaded and installed a replacement driver, and all is now well with the sound.

I haven’t had time to sign up for another Endnote webinar, but I found the answers I needed from the program’s help function. The main thing I wanted to do was to work from a subset of references rather than the entire database. Once I discovered that a subset is called a ‘custom group’, then finding out how to create and use one was simple. The document has about 150 references, but each section only refers to a particular subset of about 20-30 references, so using a custom group containing only the relevant references greatly speeds up the process of linking them to the text.

Hilary CadmanNo need for online training

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