Taking advantage of my faults

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I’m a chronic procrastinator (a common failing, according to Procrastination: Ten things to know). Much of the time, this trait causes me problems, but I have noticed that occasionally it helps me to get things done. For example, last week I finished about 10 small jobs that had been hanging around for some time, just to avoid working on a project that I wasn’t keen to tackle (and that I’m still avoiding today …). I guess this would count as structured or effective procrastination. Apparently this approach only works if you’re good at self-deception, so presumably that’s another of my traits.

I think I also need to accept that my brain turns to jelly after a two-day meeting at which I’m working under great pressure. So instead of expecting to spend the next day getting stuck into the work that’s built up while I’ve been at the meeting, I should just schedule in some mindless tasks, like sorting my emails and tidying the office.

Hilary CadmanTaking advantage of my faults

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