To publicise or not to publicise …

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I haven’t done much to publicise my business, so recently I looked into the idea of making my website more ‘visible’. I wanted my site to be the first to appear if someone searched using a term such as  ‘medical editor Australia’ or ‘science editor Australia’. Unfortunately, the quote I received for having this done professionally was way beyond my budget. When I talked to a friend about it, she pointed out that being too visible can be a disadvantage – for example,  it could bring inquiries that take up time but don’t lead anywhere (she knew of people in other businesses who had had that experience). Given that my target audience is quite specific, I could see her point. So, I’ve decided to stay ‘hidden’ for now, and think about ways to get my name out there in a way that will bring in the particular kind of business I want.

Hilary CadmanTo publicise or not to publicise …

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