WHO style guide in PerfectIt!

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Thanks to a conversation on LinkedIn, over the past few months I’ve been working with Daniel, creator of PerfectIt, and Bernadette, one of my colleagues, to customise PerfectIt to cover the World Health Organization (WHO) style guide. It’s been a laborious process – the guide includes hundreds of preferred terms, and in each case we had to work out how the term might be wrongly spelt, capitalised or hyphenated. Daniel did a great job of creating and tweaking the tool, and last night he finally completed the task, so I was able to download the file and run it. Seeing it in action was quite stunning, I was really thrilled (which perhaps indicates that I need to get out more!).  The customised file is available from the PerfectIt website, so anyone working with WHO documents can now download it and use it to  automatically find and correct over 1600 entries from the WHO’s style guide.

Hilary CadmanWHO style guide in PerfectIt!

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