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Last week I said that carrying the tools of my trade around with me didn’t necessarily mean that I could get myself in the frame of mind required to work while away from home. Now, I’m actually updating my blog while bussing up to Sydney in a rain storm (and have been able to edit a document, email clients and update my timesheet from the bus). I suppose that an impending visit to a client tomorrow means that I’ve been able to bring my work mindframe with me.

This week I was excited to finally resolve an issue that has been plauging me since I started the business – my accounting system. Thanks to the way the business has evolved, until now I’ve been using MYOB for my bookkeeping (with difficulty – I’m a words person, not a numbers one) and invoicing, and Intervals for my time and project management.  The two systems don’t talk to one another, so I’ve been doing lots of double handling. Through my business coach, I’ve found an accountant I really like (he was able to answer all my questions, in words I could understand). He has persuaded me to change to a different bookkeeping system, specifically designed for accountants to give to people who can’t cope with, or don’t need, more sophisticated systems. I’ll now track my cash flow in the new program, and do my invoices in Intervals, which should be more efficient, and eliminate the double handling.

Hilary CadmanWorking from anywhere

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  1. Tristan Viscarra Rossel

    Hi Hilary, what is the name of the program you use to track your cash flow? It sounds like just what I need! Cheers, Tristan

    1. ozeditor

      Hi Tristan – the alternative program sounded good, but when I looked into it more I found that it was different from MYOB but not really any better, so I stuck with MYOB.

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