Time to start single-tasking

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I’m an inveterate multitasker. My workstation is set up with two screens, one with the main task I’m working on, the other with related documents. I do this because it seems more efficient. For example, I might have a scientific report on the main screen and an Endnote database on the other, which allows me to add references to the …

Hilary CadmanTime to start single-tasking

Live blog! (or not …)

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Last week I gave a talk to the Canberra Society of Editors (CSE). The topic was social networking and blogging, so it seemed a great idea to blog directly from the meeting. I’d got myself organised with a half-written post, and had bookmarked all the sites I planned to talk about. Sadly, I was defeated by technology. For the first …

Hilary CadmanLive blog! (or not …)

No need for online training

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My attempt at attending a training webinar for Endnote was a disaster, because I couldn’t hear it properly due to a problem with my audio driver. No matter what I did with the settings on my computer, all I could hear was a tiny sound from the laptop’s speakers, and nothing from the headphones. This week  I downloaded and installed …

Hilary CadmanNo need for online training