Successful backup

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This week I had to attend a meeting in Sydney, so I decided to try out my backup system by taking along my spare laptop along rather than my main computer. The spare is smaller and lighter, and is therefore better for travelling, but I don’t normally use it, so wasn’t sure that it would have everything I needed. There …

Hilary CadmanSuccessful backup

A lull

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Last week I’d cleared the decks for a major project that didn’t materialise (thank goodness), and this week, three days of meetings have been cancelled, so I finally have a slight lull in my workload. Over the weekend I’ve been enjoying having the time to read the newspaper, get some work done in the garden and finish my application for …

Hilary CadmanA lull

Taking a break

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I have just returned from a much-needed holiday – a delightful journey up the east coast in a camper van.  My laptop accompanied us on our 7-day trip, but I managed to leave it tucked away in a cupboard most of the time (not so hard given that we were out of mobile range for much of the trip). My …

Hilary CadmanTaking a break

Being prepared

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My main computer had a meltdown this week – it started freezing for no good reason. The problem first appeared on Monday but was intermittent, and I kept hoping that the many disk repairs that the computer took itself through before restarting would fix the problem. However, that didn’t happen, so yesterday I spent several hours setting up the laptop …

Hilary CadmanBeing prepared

Useful tweets?

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I subscribe to an e-newsletter from the site I Heart Technical Writing, which last week focused on how technical writers could use Twitter. When the newsletter arrived in my inbox I went to the twitter page and found some useful links (at least, I thought I did, but now that I look at it again, all I can see is …

Hilary CadmanUseful tweets?

Time to start single-tasking

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I’m an inveterate multitasker. My workstation is set up with two screens, one with the main task I’m working on, the other with related documents. I do this because it seems more efficient. For example, I might have a scientific report on the main screen and an Endnote database on the other, which allows me to add references to the …

Hilary CadmanTime to start single-tasking

Live blog! (or not …)

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Last week I gave a talk to the Canberra Society of Editors (CSE). The topic was social networking and blogging, so it seemed a great idea to blog directly from the meeting. I’d got myself organised with a half-written post, and had bookmarked all the sites I planned to talk about. Sadly, I was defeated by technology. For the first …

Hilary CadmanLive blog! (or not …)

No need for online training

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My attempt at attending a training webinar for Endnote was a disaster, because I couldn’t hear it properly due to a problem with my audio driver. No matter what I did with the settings on my computer, all I could hear was a tiny sound from the laptop’s speakers, and nothing from the headphones. This week  I downloaded and installed …

Hilary CadmanNo need for online training