Copyediting tools abound

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I mentioned recently that I had found lots of editing tools through my membership of the Copyeditors and proofreaders section of LinkedIn. In the past week I have bought two of these tools –  the Editors Toolkit Plus and Edit Tools – and now I’m trying to work out how to use them.

I’ve started using Edit Tools for stylesheets – for example, putting the style preferences for the World Health Organization into a customised database. The Editors Toolkit is a bit more of a challenge as it comes with 55 pages of instructions, and I never seem to have time to get beyond the first few pages. Happily, I have found a button (F10) that makes text lower case, which I’m finding really useful (clients almost always use too many rather than too few capitals).

I also bought Making Word work for you by Hilary Powers. Again, I’ve had trouble finding time to look at it, but one thing I did get from the book was that CTRL + click selects a sentence. something I hadn’t come across before.

Hilary CadmanCopyediting tools abound

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