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This week a friend introduced me to Dropbox – a system for storing, syncing and sharing files online. I love it ! My usual system for making a quick back up is to email a file to myself, but Dropbox seems a much more professional solution. It’s also a good way to share files with clients. I’d previously looked at some of the free online file-sharing sites, but couldn’t use them for clients because they have ads popping up with scantily clad women (or men!).

I also downloaded the free starter version of a program called RibbonCustomizer. You can use the program to move things in Word from one ribbon to another if you find them confusing. For example, I  always look under ‘Insert’ for the ‘Comment’ function, when Word has it under ‘Review’, so I used the customizer to add it to ‘Insert’. However, what I really wanted it for was to move things around in the ‘Add in’ ribbon, because I’ve added so many editing tools to Word that I’m having trouble managing them all. Sadly it turns out that the Add in ribbon is one of the things that the program can’t change, so I’ll have to find another way to get round the problem.

Hilary CadmanMore new tools!

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