Discovering what Edifix can do

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Edifix is an online system for formatting and retrieving references. For medical editing jobs, I’ve been using Edifix to find references, which I then put into Endnote. For example, one document contained 10 chapters written by different authors, only half of whom had used Endnote. Edifix made it relatively easy to obtain the references for the remaining chapters from PubMed, and export the list in a form that could be imported into Endnote.

I was delighted to find that Edifix can also format references (e.g. from a Word document). Editing a paper on theology, I needed to get the references into Chicago style. I simply pasted the bibliography from Word into Edifix, and it put them (or at least most of them) into the correct style. Also, in cases where Edifix was able to locate the references online, it highlighted any errors, such as page numbers not matching the original. I still had to do a bit of tweaking at the end, but this approach saved me a lot of time, and added value for the client by highlighting some potential errors.

Hilary CadmanDiscovering what Edifix can do

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