Bringing aquaculture into the office

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I love new toys, and I like to buy things that are locally made and environmentally friendly. Happily, my latest purchase, a desktop aquaculture system from Aquaponicals, ticks all the boxes. It’s a fabulous little system, in which the water is pumped from the reservoir at the bottom up to the grow bed at the top, where I have planted mint, parsley, oregano and sage. The water flows from the grow bed into the tank, aerating the water for my two fish. There is an opening in the grow bed through which I can drop food into the tank for the fish, and their droppings fertilise the plants. Watching the fish keeps me amused, and the plants are keeping the air healthy in the office, by soaking up the volatile organic compounds (VOCs).


Hilary CadmanBringing aquaculture into the office

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