A clearer view in MS Word

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See more clearly in Print Layout view

Editors often work with a document in Print Layout view in MS Word. It gives you useful information such as what’s in the header and whether the page numbering is correct. But when working on main text, it can be helpful to get the headers and footers out of the way.

Hide the headers and footers while working in Print Layout view

You may not have realised you can reduce the white space at the top and bottom of the document when you don’t need them on-screen. Double-clicking in the space between pages hides the header and footer area from view. Take a look at this quick video to see how to do this.

Working in this modified view has several advantages:

  • it makes it easier to focus on the text
  • you can see more of the text on the screen, so don’t have to do so much scrolling
  • if a table or a set of bullet points is split over two pages, you can more easily see it as a whole.

Page numbers not showing in Word?

I received a document from a client with the request to add page numbers. I looked at the document and was confused – the page numbers were already there. The problem was that the document had been saved in Word with the white space minimised, which made it look as though there were no page numbers.

It’s important to remember to double-click and expand that white space again before saving and sending your document elsewhere. Otherwise you’ll get an urgent call, ‘my page numbers have disappeared in Word!’

Do you know someone who works in MS Word and might find this information helpful? Feel free to share these tips and make someone’s day!


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Hilary CadmanA clearer view in MS Word

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