Making progress on grammar

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I’m enjoying the online course that I’m taking (Grammar, Mechanics, and Usage for Editors).  The assignments are quite challenging, particularly those that involve identifying different sentence types or parts of sentences. I’m still struggling with the difference between phrases and clauses, and between simple, compound and complex sentences. However, the course notes are helpful, and the main text for the course …

Hilary CadmanMaking progress on grammar

Grammar course

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This week I signed up to UC Berkley’s online Grammar, Mechanics, and Usage course (even though the title of the course includes the serial comma, which I wouldn’t use). It’s over 10 years since I last took a grammar course, so I thought it might be a good idea to have a refresher. Also, I’ve realised that I really enjoy studying.  My business coach has …

Hilary CadmanGrammar course

Expanding my vocabulary

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This week’s tip from was about the new dictionary site The site looks really interesting, because you can search for a word in different ways; for example, by parts of speech, number of syllables and rhyming words. You can also take a challenge, which involves answering a series of vocabulary questions. I’ve just done my first 15 questions …

Hilary CadmanExpanding my vocabulary

New skills in Word

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Last Saturday I gave a short training course on editing effectively with Word 2007, and on Monday I attended an advanced Word 2007 course. This ‘immersion’ in Word improved my macro skills, because I demonstrated a macro at the course I gave, and learnt more about macros at the course I attended. Later in the week, I had to use …

Hilary CadmanNew skills in Word

Screen snipping

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This week I discovered that I know much less about InDesign than I thought (I volunteered to do a newsletter layout using InDesign, but now realise there’s a big difference between a real document and the examples in Classroom in a book). However, in organising material for the newsletter, I needed a partial screenshot from a website. I was pleased …

Hilary CadmanScreen snipping

Research misconduct can be fun!

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Thanks to an article in The Scientist, I spent an enjoyable hour this morning playing a character in an interactive movie. Titled The Lab: Avoiding Research Misconduct, the movie aims to bring issues of research misconduct to life. The story concerns a medical research worker who misuses a junior colleague’s data and publishes a fraudulent paper. Viewers can play one of the four …

Hilary CadmanResearch misconduct can be fun!

Different hats

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Last year I bought SmartDraw, with the intention of turning all my procedures into flowcharts. Then I got bogged down in project work, and the flowcharts didn’t happen. However, today I had another go, inspired by an email from SmartDraw describing VPM – visual process management. This is a neat idea whereby the organisation chart contains a hyperlink from each …

Hilary CadmanDifferent hats

A breathing space

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I’m enjoying a much-needed breathing space this week, after completing two major jobs, one of which has been going on for almost a year. Luckily, I have a great team of people helping me, and they pulled out all the stops over recent weeks to meet some crazy deadlines. Of course, I still have a lot to do, because I’ve …

Hilary CadmanA breathing space

Ever better ways to send things

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Last year I discovered Dropbox and thought it was a great way to share files with colleagues and clients.  I then found SugarSync, which seems even better than Dropbox, because it provides a really simple way to share folders and subfolders, sync different computers, etc. However, I found that some clients had trouble with both these programs – getting confused …

Hilary CadmanEver better ways to send things

Managing reference managers

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I’ve been happily using Endnote X3 with Word 2007 for some time. However, on Friday I installed Reference Manager, and was alarmed to find that the Endnote tab had disappeared from Word.  After a fruitless hour Googling various phrases to try to find a way to get the tab back, I remembered that I might have a relevant email somewhere …

Hilary CadmanManaging reference managers