A new home and a new CV

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This blog has been rather quiet of late, due to me being busy relocating from Canberra to a delightful spot in northern New South Wales. Now that I’m settled in my new home, I’m focusing on expanding my client base. As a first step, I’ve decided to recreate my CV as an infographic. I’ve found one example that relates to editing and …

Hilary CadmanA new home and a new CV

Blitz on RSIs

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Although I use a lot of shortcuts, macros and Word add-ins, I find that I get a lot of aches and pains in my arms and shoulders at the end of the working day. I’ve decided to have a blitz on RSIs. My strategy involves: pausing for a quick exercise or a few deep breathes when BreakReminder tells me to …

Hilary CadmanBlitz on RSIs

Wordtips proves its value

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I get a weekly list of tips from WordRibbontips. This week’s list included instructions for making CTRL+F work traditionally; that is, making it open the ‘Find’ dialogue box as it used to, rather than opening a search and navigation pane as it does in Word 2010. The change to this function has been driving me mad, because I find the …

Hilary CadmanWordtips proves its value


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Last week, I was delighted to hear that I have become an advanced member of the UK’s Society for Editors and Proofreaders. This hard-won qualification means that I can advertise my services on the SfEP website. I’m also currently taking a 10-day course to obtain a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. I gained a similar qualification in 2005, but …

Hilary CadmanQualifications


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Thanks to the discussion list of the Editorial Freelancers Association, I recently discovered PhraseExpress — a program that saves time by completing frequently used phrases or snippets of text. I had previously been using the Autocorrect function in MS Word to do this. For example, I had set up Word so that when I type ‘hivx’, the words ‘human immunodeficiency …

Hilary CadmanPhraseExpress


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I know that I’m overloaded with work because I’ve reverted to the ‘business card strategy’ that I used last year, when the tasks involved in running my business seemed overwhelming. Back then, I wrote each task on the back of one of my unused business cards, then sat on the floor with the cards around me, seeking inspiration. This time, …

Hilary CadmanOverload

Copying file names

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I continue to be amazed by the power of the internet to answer computer questions. Today I needed to sort 15 Word files into three groups and then create a Word document showing the results. I knew there must be a better way to do this than copying and pasting individual file names, and there is. A quick search of …

Hilary CadmanCopying file names

Have laptop, will travel

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I have now been away from Australia for 4 months and have managed to keep working, first from the UK and then from a small village in the south of France. The only ‘tools’ I brought with me were a few reference books and my laptop, but I found during my 3 months in France that I couldn’t manage without …

Hilary CadmanHave laptop, will travel

Befuddled by time zones

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I’m currently visiting the UK and will soon be heading to the south of France, to take advantage of the fact that I can (in theory) work from anywhere. So far, the main issue has been the change in time zones. Some of my clients are in Australia and others in Europe. Normally, I prioritise the projects from Australia when …

Hilary CadmanBefuddled by time zones

Making progress on grammar

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I’m enjoying the online course that I’m taking (Grammar, Mechanics, and Usage for Editors).  The assignments are quite challenging, particularly those that involve identifying different sentence types or parts of sentences. I’m still struggling with the difference between phrases and clauses, and between simple, compound and complex sentences. However, the course notes are helpful, and the main text for the course …

Hilary CadmanMaking progress on grammar