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Although I use a lot of shortcuts, macros and Word add-ins, I find that I get a lot of aches and pains in my arms and shoulders at the end of the working day. I’ve decided to have a blitz on RSIs. My strategy involves:

  • pausing for a quick exercise or a few deep breathes when BreakReminder tells me to take a 15-second break (rather than just hitting the ‘Ignore’ button)
  • getting up from my chair and doing something active, such as hanging out washing or watering plants, when BreakReminder tells me to take a 5-minute break — this has the added benefit of helping me to avoid the temptation to fill the break time with a cup of tea and a biscuit
  • going to a Pilates class once a week, and doing the exercises at home (sometimes during my 5-minute breaks)
  • moving the mouse to the other side of the keyboard at each 5-minute break.


Hilary CadmanBlitz on RSIs

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