More new tools!

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This week a friend introduced me to Dropbox – a system for storing, syncing and sharing files online. I love it ! My usual system for making a quick back up is to email a file to myself, but Dropbox seems a much more professional solution. It’s also a good way to share files with clients. I’d previously looked at some of the free online …

Hilary CadmanMore new tools!

Copyediting tools abound

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I mentioned recently that I had found lots of editing tools through my membership of the Copyeditors and proofreaders section of LinkedIn. In the past week I have bought two of these tools –  the Editors Toolkit Plus and Edit Tools – and now I’m trying to work out how to use them. I’ve started using Edit Tools for stylesheets – for example, …

Hilary CadmanCopyediting tools abound

Taking stock

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Now that I’ve been running the business for four months, I feel that I’m really getting into the swing of it. I’ve got my admin organised (updating the blog is Tuesday’s task, so I’m already behind for this week …); I have six clients, spanning threee continents; and I’ve established my backup team, which spans two continents. One thing I haven’t done yet is …

Hilary CadmanTaking stock

Social networking is working for me!

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I’m not much of social networker. I could never see the point of Facebook (probably because I’m way outside the demographic, so don’t have many friends using it), and I gave up ‘tweeting‘ after a couple of weeks (a common phenomenon apparently). A post on the BELS discussion list persuaded me to join LinkedIn, and for a while I thought it was yet another time-wasting activity. However, now …

Hilary CadmanSocial networking is working for me!

Micro planning

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Last week I got a good idea for organising my time from a networking meeting (actually coffee and chat) for people running small businesses. The suggestion was to have a day plan, and stick to it – that probably sounds fairly obvious as a time management tool, but I have to admit I hadn’t thought to do it! The day plan that we …

Hilary CadmanMicro planning

Greening my signature block

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One of things I love about working for myself is that I can take a decision and then implement it, without having to hold a meeting, start a discussion with colleagues or wait for a ruling from someone more senior. Thus, I took an executive decision to add a line to my signature block saying what I was doing to be more ‘sustainable’ …

Hilary CadmanGreening my signature block

To publicise or not to publicise …

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I haven’t done much to publicise my business, so recently I looked into the idea of making my website more ‘visible’. I wanted my site to be the first to appear if someone searched using a term such as  ‘medical editor Australia’ or ‘science editor Australia’. Unfortunately, the quote I received for having this done professionally was way beyond my budget. When I talked to …

Hilary CadmanTo publicise or not to publicise …

What makes a conference worthwhile?

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Last Saturday I went up to Sydney to attend a conference for medical writers. I realised while I was there that my criteria for rating a conference as ‘worthwhile’ have changed since I went freelance. As an employee, with all conference expenses paid (including my time if the event was during a working week), my criteria were fairly relaxed. Provided I had a …

Hilary CadmanWhat makes a conference worthwhile?

Disappearing time

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I was going to create a category called ‘Procrastination’, but decided that was just too negative, so went for ‘Staying focused’ instead. I’ve noticed that if I don’t have a looming deadline, it’s remarkably easy for the day to simply disappear without me achieving anything in particular. Sometimes it’s because a supposedly small task turns out not to be small after …

Hilary CadmanDisappearing time

Keeping track

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One of my concerns about working for myself was how I would cope with the admin required, given that admin has always been one of my major bugbears. I’ve been pleased to find that doing my own admin is not nearly as onerous as doing admin for an employer. I think it must be something to do with the fact that if …

Hilary CadmanKeeping track