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I receive the weekly newsletter from WordRibbon.Tips.Net, which provides tips on Word 2007. A recent newsletter included tips about building blocks, which I hadn’t come across before. When I had a look at them (under the ‘Insert’ group on the ribbon), I found that they include matching sets of cover pages, headers, footers, text boxes and side bars. Since headers and footers are one of the few things I’ve found more difficult in Word 2007 than in the previous version, the building blocks seemed like a good alternative; they are also much more professional looking than the simple Word template I use. However, I found them hard to put into practice; for example, my footers disappeared when I added a section break to get the main text to start on an odd page.

Another area I had trouble with in Word 2007 was styles. Luckily, the style section of Ribbon.Tips has lots of useful tips; for example, how to set up shortcuts to particular styles, and how to hide the styles you aren’t using, without deleting them altogether.

Hilary CadmanPros and cons of software

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