A creative use for business cards

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Last week I was feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the need to work both on the business and in it. To reduce the stress, I took a stack of my business cards (I can’t see myself ever needing all 500 of them) and wrote one aspect of the business of the back of each card. I included everything I could think of, and ended up with about 30 cards covering a disparate range of topics, from writing the blog to finding new clients and dealing with the accountant.

My initial idea was that I could perhaps arrange the cards in a large circle, sit in the middle of them, and somehow feel that I had achieved a level of control. An alternative plan was to sort the items into piles according to how well I was coping with them or how urgent they were. In the end, I was so busy working on editing jobs that I did none of these things – I simply bundled up the cards and put them aside. However, this week, I took on a production assistant, and the cards proved to be an excellent tool for introducing her to the many and varied aspects of the business!

Hilary CadmanA creative use for business cards

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  1. Norman Dorrington

    I think writing on the back of business cards is a bit profligate but I suppose you were right that you would not need 500 of them.
    I will be following the progress of your venture and hope that it is successful. Good luck.

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