Bringing aquaculture into the office

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I love new toys, and I like to buy things that are locally made and environmentally friendly. Happily, my latest purchase, a desktop aquaculture system from Aquaponicals, ticks all the boxes. It’s a fabulous little system, in which the water is pumped from the reservoir at the bottom up to the grow bed at the top, where I have planted mint, parsley, oregano and …

Hilary CadmanBringing aquaculture into the office

Greening my signature block

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One of things I love about working for myself is that I can take a decision and then implement it, without having to hold a meeting, start a discussion with colleagues or wait for a ruling from someone more senior. Thus, I took an executive decision to add a line to my signature block saying what I was doing to be more ‘sustainable’ …

Hilary CadmanGreening my signature block