A lull

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Last week I’d cleared the decks for a major project that didn’t materialise (thank goodness), and this week, three days of meetings have been cancelled, so I finally have a slight lull in my workload. Over the weekend I’ve been enjoying having the time to read the newspaper, get some work done in the garden and finish my application for …

Hilary CadmanA lull

More on networking

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I love networking – it really helps to counteract the isolation of working from home. In recent weeks I’ve met up with a few freelancers and been interested to hear about the different ways people work and the tools they use. One tool that I came across through a conversation with a participant on a training course is the reference …

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More resources

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This week I picked up yet another book – The copyeditor’s handbook: A guide to book publishing and corporate communications. So far I’ve only read the preface and a few pages of the first chapter (What copyeditors do), and I’ve already found some useful ideas for the copyediting checklist I’ve been working on. I also found out how to access …

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