Being prepared

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My main computer had a meltdown this week – it started freezing for no good reason. The problem first appeared on Monday but was intermittent, and I kept hoping that the many disk repairs that the computer took itself through before restarting would fix the problem. However, that didn’t happen, so yesterday I spent several hours setting up the laptop …

Hilary CadmanBeing prepared

Finding a coach

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My business coach has been a great help over the past year, but she has now moved on, so I need a replacement. I have tried a few companies I found online, but they all seem to have a relatively fixed product that is way beyond what I need in terms of time and cost. Happily, I’ve now found two alternatives: A friend who …

Hilary CadmanFinding a coach

Useful tweets?

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I subscribe to an e-newsletter from the site I Heart Technical Writing, which last week focused on how technical writers could use Twitter. When the newsletter arrived in my inbox I went to the twitter page and found some useful links (at least, I thought I did, but now that I look at it again, all I can see is …

Hilary CadmanUseful tweets?