Avoiding an RSI

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This week two major work deadlines and a minor family crisis combined to create a perfect storm of stress. My response was to work very hard (including getting up at 5.30am to edit a document), but I could feel the effects in my shoulders and wrists. I tried switching my mouse from the right to the left-hand side of the …

Hilary CadmanAvoiding an RSI

A creative use for business cards

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Last week I was feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the need to work both on the business and in it. To reduce the stress, I took a stack of my business cards (I can’t see myself ever needing all 500 of them) and wrote one aspect of the business of the back of each card. I included everything I could think of, and ended …

Hilary CadmanA creative use for business cards

Building a team

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Getting sick put a big hole in my work schedule this week, and made me realise the importance of organising backup. On the plus side, I’ve been doing just that – building up a team of freelancers with a range of skills. I’m finding that this is one of the most interesting and exciting parts of running my own business, and LinkedIn has …

Hilary CadmanBuilding a team

Working from anywhere

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Last week I said that carrying the tools of my trade around with me didn’t necessarily mean that I could get myself in the frame of mind required to work while away from home. Now, I’m actually updating my blog while bussing up to Sydney in a rain storm (and have been able to edit a document, email clients and …

Hilary CadmanWorking from anywhere