Momentous day

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Last Thursday I went with about 300 other women to the 1 million women breakfast in Canberra, accompanied by Diana (my production assistant) and Lee (our MYOB mentor). By a happy coincidence, that turned out to be the day we got our first female prime minister. There was a great buzz of anticipation throughout the breakfast, although sadly we’d all …

Hilary CadmanMomentous day

A milestone!

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It was very exciting this week to find that the income from the business has now surpassed the amount I was earning (including superannuation) as an employee. This doesn’t mean that I’m now earning more than I used to, because there are lots of expenses to come out of that amount. However, I now have most of the equipment and …

Hilary CadmanA milestone!

WHO style guide in PerfectIt!

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Thanks to a conversation on LinkedIn, over the past few months I’ve been working with Daniel, creator of PerfectIt, and Bernadette, one of my colleagues, to customise PerfectIt to cover the World Health Organization (WHO) style guide. It’s been a laborious process – the guide includes hundreds of preferred terms, and in each case we had to work out how …

Hilary CadmanWHO style guide in PerfectIt!

More tools

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I recently bought yet another e-book from Wordtips – Terrific tables. I can see that I will get a lot more use from this than from the Macros book, which was mostly beyond me, even though it did help me to get started with macros. From the tables book, I’ve already learnt some useful tips, such as how to: insert …

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