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I have way too much to do – when I set up my own business I meant to work four 8-hour days per week, not 48 hours per week, as I’m currently doing. However, there are some good things happening:

  • The computer’s understanding of my speech has increased amazingly in just one week, and I can now use it quite effectively to open programs, switch between programs and dictate text in Word.
  • I discovered that Digital Pacific, the company that hosts my domain, provides me with lots of free tools, including a tikiwiki, which can be used to set up a company intranet. I’ve set up my intranet, and now just need to find time to put some useful information into it.
  • I managed to write several procedures – a job that has been on my ‘to do’ list for months. Having regular meetings with my partner (to work out what to do each day) and my business coach (for longer term planning) is definitely helping me to stop procrastinating.
Hilary Cadman

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