Challenging week, and a win through LinkedIn

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It has been another challenging week, with lots of editing to do and yet more problems with the computer (finally fixed on Saturday morning, thank goodness). At least my second computer is now set up, and I’ve learnt the important difference between a back up for restoring the computer (which I had) and one where you can see files in folders (which I didn’t have). I’m now investigating humyo as a simple and cheap way to create a back up that’s accessible from anywhere.

LinkedIn yet again proved to be a fabulous resource. I wanted to create a feedback form to send to clients after a job. Rather than reinvent the wheel, I posted to a freelance editors group on LinkedIn asking for advice on whether to use an email or a web-based form. The responses included one about FormStack, which is a web form creator. The service is free for up to three forms and is fairly easy to use. I’ve managed to create a feedback form (the wording proved difficult – as an editor, I always feel things have to be just right!). Now I just have to send the link to clients, they fill out the form and I get an email with the results. An added bonus is that I can access the collated results through the Formstack site.

Hilary CadmanChallenging week, and a win through LinkedIn

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