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This week I made lots of progress on my company intranet (thanks to help from an IT expert). The plan is to have all my procedures, checklists, style guides, etc in a central place, so that  (a) they are readily accessible and (b) there is no confusion about which is the latest version. This is all part of setting up systems to thwart my natural tendency towards chaos and disorganisation.

I have also been reading about the Pomodoro effect. This has prompted me to reset my BreakReminder software to give me a 5-minute break every 25 minutes. Previously, the program was set to give me a longer break every 40 minutes, and I simply ignored it. Now I stop completely for 5 minutes, and go off to do some skipping (to counteract the adverse effects of prolonged sitting).

Hilary CadmanGetting things done

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  1. A Wellwisher

    I just wondered what would happen in an open plan office with a load of people if they all had to go skipping every twenty minutes.

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