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Last Thursday I went with about 300 other women to the 1 million women breakfast in Canberra, accompanied by Diana (my production assistant) and Lee (our MYOB mentor). By a happy coincidence, that turned out to be the day we got our first female prime minister. There was a great buzz of anticipation throughout the breakfast, although sadly we’d all dispersed by the time the news came in at about 10 am.

It was a long day because I’d also signed up for a SmartDraw webinar from 11 pm till midnight (the company is on California time, so the timing made sense for them).  I managed to stay awake, and certainly got something out of the session. The presenter produced a mind-map, converted it into a project timeline and then turned the whole thing into an animated PowerPoint presentation, which was quite impressive. I haven’t attended a webinar before, and I liked the way you could either raise your virtual hand and ask a question of the presenter, or type a question and get a written reply. I plan to try out SmartDraw’s project timeline feature on a couple of new jobs that are about to start.

Hilary CadmanMomentous day

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