New skills in Word

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Last Saturday I gave a short training course on editing effectively with Word 2007, and on Monday I attended an advanced Word 2007 course. This ‘immersion’ in Word improved my macro skills, because I demonstrated a macro at the course I gave, and learnt more about macros at the course I attended. Later in the week, I had to use someone else’s computer to edit onscreen at a meeting, and much of the work involved shading and unshading cells in tables. I was able to quickly record a couple of macros for these tasks, then simply use the appropriate keystroke each time I needed to change the shading of a cell.

Thanks to a post on LinkedIn, I also discovered a new tool this week – ReadPlease – which reads any text on the screen (browser, email, word processor, spreadsheet and any other program that displays text), albeit in a horribly robotic voice. I’m using the program to check for errors in my blog posts and in my contributions to discussions on LinkedIn.

Hilary CadmanNew skills in Word

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