Social networking is working for me!

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I’m not much of social networker. I could never see the point of Facebook (probably because I’m way outside the demographic, so don’t have many friends using it), and I gave up ‘tweeting‘ after a couple of weeks (a common phenomenon apparently). A post on the BELS discussion list persuaded me to join LinkedIn, and for a while I thought it was yet another time-wasting activity. However, now that I’ve drilled down to the groups that suit my interests, I think it’s fabulous! In the past week alone, through LinkedIn, I have found:

  • tools that I can use to speed up editing in Word
  • a tool for making the transition from Word to InDesign easier
  • ideas for marketing my business
  • a freelance editor, based in Washington, to add to my ‘virtual team’.

Now I just have to find time to make use of all these fantastic resources …

Hilary CadmanSocial networking is working for me!

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