Yet another tool, and an XO laptop

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This week I bought yet another electronic editing program. This one is called PerfectIt, and it’s designed to find errors and inconsistencies in MS Word. So far I’ve only used it to check a scientific paper that I’d already edited. It picked up a few errors (inconsistent use of hyphens and capitals).  Now I plan to trial it on an unedited document, to get a better feel for its capabilities. The blurb on the website says it can help with:

  • abbreviations
  • capitalisation
  • house style
  • hyphens / dashes
  • punctuation
  • spelling and typos
  • table / figure numbering.

My other news for this week is that my business is now supporting One Laptop Per Child, an organisation that puts robust laptops (XOs) into rural and remote communities.

Hilary CadmanYet another tool, and an XO laptop

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